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I’ve slacked on Insanity for the past five days. Yes, I feel slightly guilty about not doing my workout tonight, but I cannot regret missing this weekend.

Spent the weekend at my camp, hiking and teaching riflery all day. This was the first time EVER that I’ve hiked up our “mountain” (a steep hill, really) without being incredibly out of breath. It was an empowering feeling.

I took yesterday off to really pull my head together for this last month of work. And today, as I spent hours putting together 112 folders for my students I decided that I don’t need to stress myself out. I need to be able to miss a workout without hating myself for it. Tomorrow I’ll be back into Insanity, but today I needed to get the folders done and just go to bed (which I will be doing as soon as I hit “post.)

Week 2 Fit Test

Today was the second Insanity Fit Test. I’m seeing some improvement, mostly just in my endurance. Excited to see how much farther I can get in the next two weeks. Excited to finish up the last half of month 1!